"I have been working with Candice Schutter as a coach and mentor since 2006, and she has stuck by me in my court of allies ever since. When my humanity felt whittled down to rock bottom through depression, abuse, and self-sabotage, she was a primary force in hearing my story and drafting a foundation suited exclusively for me and my being. Candice is truly a master in coaching personal and professional growth. She is uniquely spirited, hip to ageless human dynamics, and wise to modern cultural conditions... deeply rooted in logic, creativity, and kindness as she serves her reflections, strategy and tools for change. Candice not only walks her talk in beautiful integrity, she loves what she does and effectively guides others in accomplishing a sense of balanced, self-crafted, full living. My last session with her a few weeks ago left me awestruck in knowing that our work together first impacted me and then rippled out exponentially... in my professional sphere and beyond.
Ellen :: Client, Portland, OR
"Hiring Candice for a coaching session was one of the best decisions I've ever made. In only an hour, she was able to get right to the heart of what I've been dealing with, and provide me with crucial insights that I was overlooking. Candice is intuitive, inquisitive, and wise. She gets me excited about life in a way that few people can. I have so much more clarity after working with her, I feel like my whole world has been changed."
Caelan :: Client, Portland, OR
"I am thrilled to have spent the past several years with Candice as my life coach!  Her unconditional support and encouragement have allowed me to shine through and I trust her with my innermost details and know I am safe. I have found new ways to look at my experiences and to open to the adventure that is my life."
Ali :: Client, Vancouver BC
"Candice has been my personal coach and mentor for over four years, and an amazing catalyst of inspiration and support in my life. Candice almost immediately understands with sharp insight the heart of the matter of what I bring to her. She is able to reflect back to me in a way that guides me to listen to my deepest, most intuitive truth and to make decisions from an authentic place."
Karima :: Client, Chicago, IL

Coaching is a blend of compassionate reflection, pivotal insights, and tangible action steps. I use an integrative support model where self-inquiry meets accountability to create lasting change.

If you think support is out of reach to you due to a lack of time or money, think again. Coaching is an investment of time and energy, and we may not have the resources we need to enlist support when we need it most. For this reason, I offer a no excuse price guarantee. I do this on a case-by-case basis through sliding scale rates, online support options, customized coaching packages, AND pay-what-you-can bookings. I am passionate about working with individual clients to create an affordable and/or accessible service that fits where you are in your life right now. Interested in coaching but don't think you can pull it off? The truth is, if you're feeling stuck, you can't afford NOT to. Together, we can create a package, price, and plan you can feel good about. Trust me. I call the shots in my business, and I am committed to helping you. Book your totally free no-obligation consult now. BE REAL. Tell me what's holding you back so we can set you free.