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Candice is a true gift… immediately one feels at ease in her presence. Candice listens without judgement. She then offers unique paths to new questions.
Chris F., Vancouver BC

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Transformation happens where we overlap, when our innate strengths and honest vulnerabilities collide. My clients are people with whom I share a journey. We are allies treading a similar path. Leaning into what we have in common, we become stronger and are graced with the collective courage to live our lives more boldly.

My personal & professional path are inextricably intertwined. I know how it feels to pass through pain, navigate chronic anxiety, and get caught in a web of depression. And before I learned how to become masterful over my innate sensitivities, I gave my power away with regularity. Yet over the course of the past decade, I've finally learned how to take possession of my own brand of courageous authenticity, and my life has never been fuller. 

I specialize in confusing transitions, feelings of stuckness, and difficult truths. I firmly believe that our pains and problems are hidden gateways to greatness; and that each one of us (myself included) needs allies to help along the way. Therefore, I am many things to my clients: coach, confidant, ally, mirror, therapist, advocate, and accountability buddy. When we do what we are uniquely built for, our work is an effortless expression of self that defies conventional labels. Thus, my livelihood is a multi-faceted expression that centers around what most honestly calls me in the moment. I dance. I write. I assist the best ways that I know how. And I, like you, change daily. Together let's ride each tide as it comes. 

Transparency guaranteed. Life is a much lighter load when you bare it all. I will gladly share my crazy-ass mistakes with you (there are many). And I will never ask you to do something I haven't experienced benefit from firsthand. It takes courage and a great sense of humor to live your truth out loud, and together we can empower one another to do just that.

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