Love Thyself

How do you know it’s high time to LOVE thyself?

You spend time being agreeable, when you could just be happy. Secretly, you may be terrified that others might somehow learn how needy you actually are, so you put on a good face... you give rather than take... you fight to win favor through your smile and the ‘incessant yes’, pretending it doesn’t piss you off when you overlook your desires yet again. You say to yourself, it’s okay... at least I’m not selfish. But it’s not okay... and seeking approval is in fact selfish; it only serves to isolate you. When you repeatedly leave yourself behind, drama eventually knocks at your door to remind you where you are... shivering apart from others out in the cold. And that’s sure to piss you off...

In fact, that’s why
you can be a real bitch sometimes. But it’s okay; I get it. Life’s a real pain-in-the-ass when you feel stuck. You have grown far too attached to the reasons why-not. I catch you looking down at the hand that you have been dealt, pointing to stories you’ve long outgrown. It angers you to feel trapped and stuck in a cycle. Understandably! Yet feeling small, fearful, or powerless to change... those are all habits that have unfortunate side effects. But it’s all just an excuse to hide. I’m calling you out. The truth is, you define yourself by limitation because freedom scares the shit out of you. You defend your limitations, trumpeting your so-called truth - why you can’t leave that job... take that trip... work on that project... or be free of that pain. You’re just afraid. We all are. But that’s no reason to stop reaching for more.

In fact, in this age of diagnosis we are all clinically ape-shit crazy with fear half the time, yet
you assume that everyone else couldn’t possibly be as screwed in the head as you are. So you hide out. You shrink wrap your feelings and tuck them under your bed. You deny what is real... and you devour anything that might negate your discontent, reaching for food, lovers, or accolades to support identification with your shadowy dysfunctions. On the surface, you present a facade of togetherness... working hard at denial, taking a *spiritual bypass around that which you’d rather not face in order to feel you’re making a credible effort.

Yet you still feel broken somehow... like your past mistakes have a choke-hold on your future.
Why? Because you mistake growth for advancement toward perfection. Needless to say, you’re often disappointed. Looking out at a world full of other people cloaked in pretense, you compare yourself with the distorted reflections you see. You stand before the mirror, obsessively comparing yourself to airbrushed personas, crying out in frustration at your failed attempts at such-and-such.

You CAN break the cycle for good. I did it... many of my clients have... and you can, too. You can develop new habits and ways of being that will change your life forever... giving you more power than you could ever imagine.

Take back authority over your life. Trust and lean into the life you were meant to live. Be vulnerable. Roar your truth freely. Create a space that’s just for you. Push through fear and move anyway.
Love thyself and live as such.

Not sure how?
I can help. Promise.
But you’ve gotta
act quick.

Self-love awaits you.
In the meantime, read this
love letter to you.

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