I have been teaching dance fitness since 2001, and my classes are feel-good from head to toe. I absolutely guarantee sweat and smiles, every time. Learn to love dance AND fitness; I can teach anyone to shake it. I currently teach Zumba™ and Nia™ classes in the Portland Metro area.

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I literally spent months driving to Portland and back just to spend the day getting a lesson from Candice. She has a way of braiding so much more than technique into her teachings. It’s as though she diagnoses you from the core and sneaks in the medicine to heal that you didn’t even know you needed. Candice is wise beyond her years, and her ability to help you recognize exactly what YOU need is remarkable and brilliant.
Mollie :: Private Client, Bend, Oregon usa
I have been coming to your Zumba class for two weeks now and LOVE it!!! I have 4 kids and it is something that I can do for myself... finally!!! Question though... how do you get your butt to move like that? Holy moly!!! I want to be able to do that! Thanks for your energy, Candice!!!
Student :: Portland, OR
Candice has tremendous energy and light as a teacher. She overflows with creative inspiration and joyous expression, holding space for each student to find the magic of their own personal experience with Nia, while drawing together the community feeling of the whole class. Each time I step into class with Candice I know I am going to have a vibrant and deep transformation of spirit and body. Because of Candice's support and guidance I have challenged myself further in the Nia practice, and watched as the confidence and delight of her presence influences other parts of my life. Thank you Candice!
KALI :: Student/Colleague, Portland, Oregon, usa